Niagara Falls Chapel boasts two great professional photographers who create breath taking photographs posted to our website within one day. Photo album with your choice of 24 photographs costs only $220.00.

Gratuities are deeply appreciated which helps us keep our pricing reasonable.

2 Photographers

There are two sides to every story, which is why you deserve two photographers.

You deserve something different.

You have never been one who likes to go with the "norm", so why should your photos be any different? We will help you create the greatest story of your love in a unique, adventurous, and exciting way. Your story is different than everyone else's and shouldn't have regular photos to showcase it.

These are YOUR photos. We want to tell your story and show who you are through them. We are artists and storytellers who are here for you and your memories. As much as you invest in us, we will invest right back into you.

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