Meet the Team

Hello! Meet Harvey, Carrie, Jess, and Marc. We are a group of seasoned wedding professionals based at the iconic Niagara Falls Chapel. Our expertise lies in helping you select the ideal location for your wedding, nestled in or around the nation's oldest state park. Niagara Falls, with its stunning natural beauty, provides an enchanting setting for exchanging your vows.

At Niagara Falls Chapel, we embrace all couples with open arms! Our services encompass everything from ministerial duties to photography and videography, ensuring we meet all your wedding requirements. Our Chapel is renowned for offering some of the most picturesque spots for your destination wedding.

We take pride in our ability to capture mesmerizing photographs, which we promptly upload to our website within a day. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to select 24 of your favorite shots for a personalized photo album.

We're grateful for any gratuities, as they assist us in maintaining affordable pricing while delivering top-notch services.

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Meet Harvey


With years of experience in organizing diverse weddings, both locally and on the west coast, Harvey has made a significant mark in the wedding industry. He established his Wedding Ministry 20 years ago, bringing a new level of professionalism and expertise to his services. Harvey finds great fulfillment in legally uniting couples, deeply involved in the emotional essence of their big day. Each year, he officiates over 100 weddings throughout western New York, showcasing his unique style. Harvey's ceremonies are personalized, reflecting each couple's story and engaging their loved ones in a meaningful way. Renowned for his ability to blend humor and sincerity, his ceremonies are both enjoyable and genuinely touching, creating lasting memories for all.

Meet Jess


Hi there! I'm Jess, and I'm thrilled about the opportunity to capture the beautiful moments of your special day. With Niagara Falls as my scenic backdrop, I've honed my photography skills over 20 years, dedicating the last decade specifically to wedding photography. Collaborating closely with Harvey at Niagara Falls Chapel, I've developed a keen eye for those heartfelt, candid moments. Besides weddings, my camera adores capturing the unique bond of families and the innocence of newborns. My photography style? It's all about authenticity, embracing true and vibrant colors to bring out the essence of every shot.